One of three institutes which comprise CEA Tech, the List institute is committed to technological innovation in digital systems. Its R&D activities - driven by major economic, societal and industrial challenges - encompass four main themes: factory of the future, cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence and digital health.

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October 14, 2019

Complex computations on encrypted data now possible

October 3, 2019

Real-time 3D image reconstruction for non-destructive testing

September 23, 2019

Better control of patient exposure to radiation during cardiac catheterization

August 6, 2019

Augmented non-destructive testing for greater reliability

July 25, 2019

Listening to the flows inside pipes to monitor structural health

June 25, 2019

Two CEA Tech demonstrators in Novares’ Nova Car 2

June 17, 2019

Electromagnetism used to study the mechanical properties of steel

June 6, 2019

Automating toxic chemical identification

May 23, 2019

Medical scans: reducing doses without compromising on diagnostic quality

May 9, 2019

The “smart eye” for construction sites goes public


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Institut Carnot: a seal of excellence

carnot illustration ListList has earned the French government’s prestigious Institut Carnot seal of excellence for public research organizations, evidence of the institute’s high standards and professionalism. List saw its Instituts Carnot seal renewed in 2016.

The mission of the Instituts Carnot network is to bring technological research organizations and businesses together. The goal is to help businesses innovate, penetrate new markets, and create jobs. The French ministry that oversees research grants the seal to government research organizations for a duration of six years through a rigorous selection process and compliance with a charter. List’s high-quality research partnerships first earned the institute the seal in 2006.
List fulfills all of the requirements of the Instituts Carnot:

  • A proactive strategy targeting industrial companies and, in particular, small-to mid-sized businesses. List’s Industrial Partnerships team actively prospects and organizes events for businesses.
  • Continuous improvement of the institute’s processes and level of professionalism. List is ISO 9001 certified, uses a CRM, and takes a project-based approach to structuring its partnerships with industrial companies.
  • Partnership development: List works with around 200 industrial companies each year; 40% are small-to-midsized businesses.
  • Pump-priming research: 25% of List’s operating budget is allocated to pump-priming research targeting the major challenges of the future. These include the digital factory, non-destructive testing, robotics for healthcare, and new computing architectures.
  • A contribution to strengthening the Instituts Carnot as a network.

A research partnership with a member of the Instituts Carnot network like List provides businesses with several guarantees: scientific and technological excellence, professional project management, a capacity to understand future market needs, and the strength of a network.

List engaged in 4 inter-Carnot programs


Logo IC ManufacturingThis program addresses all companies based in France and, in particular, SMBs that have adopted strategies to bring innovation into their manufacturing processes to boost their competitiveness. The program covers several topics related to the Factory of the Future, including: new manufacturing processes, agile manufacturing systems, and the digital factory for SMBs.
Cetim is the lead on this program, which is operated by eleven members of the Instituts Carnot network with a total of 40 technology platforms for R&D, proof-of-concept testing, and feasibility studies. Companies can work on 3D printing (additive manufacturing), smart machines, virtual design, process supervision and optimization, and more.
carnautoSMBs in the automotive and mobility industries that participate in the Carnauto program benefit from the know-how of nine members of the Instituts Carnot network offering a total of 65 technology platforms. The program focuses on topics like smart transportation and autonomous vehicles and targets three market segments: motorisation, materials and architectures, and ICTs.

logo ic finmedThis consortium of eleven members of the Instituts Carnot network supports the industrial development of drug companies in France by offering its partners a well-structured lineup of R&D services and access to academic research facilities. Findmed is very active, with 175 R&D contracts in progress with SMBs. The topics addressed are diverse and include oncology, infectious disease, galenics, bioinformatics, chemistry, and systems biology. The program draws on the resources of 56 technology platforms. List contributes know-how in the field of radiation with its Doseo platform.


Logo caPMEupThis program is operated by three members of the Instituts Carnot network: List, IFPEN, and Cetim. Its mission is to help SMBs get their innovation projects up and running by providing technology audits, access to technology platforms, a comprehensive range of innovation support services, and assistance applying for financing. The program covers mechanical engineering, digital systems, transportation, and energy. Capme’up has three technology platforms dedicated to innovative non-destructive testing methods, interactive robotics, and the new product development cycle.

Instituts Carnot network key figures

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