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Ambient Intelligence | WiseBIM converts 2D drawings into 3D drawings in minutes

Communication and Sensory Interfaces | Multi-device remote display interaction

The gestural interaction demo is designed to promote interaction with applications running on remote displays. This work enables a more seamless transition between the different modalities of interaction that may be available to the user, thus eliminating the need for specific hardware and/or user training. In this particular case the user first interacts using gestures on a tablet device communicating over a Wi-Fi link. He then performs the same actions using only gestures with the arms, detected with a Microsoft Kinect.

Communication and Sensory Interfaces | Odigos

Pedestrian localisation system based on sensor augmented smartphone

Communication and Sensory Interfaces | I-Surf

Prototype of a table made tactile using the I-Surf technology of CEA LIST and realised in partnership with the startup SENSORIT. This technology enables any 2D or 3D surface and composed of any material to become tactile.