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Our application sectors

List, a CEA Tech institute, works with industry from various sectors of activity but focuses the collaboration activity on five main sectors :

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Security
  • Transport and mobility
  • Energy
  • Health

Advanced manufacturing


  • Virtual and augmented reality applied to products, process and work station
  • Non-destructive testing on design or implementation stage : simulation, innovating control systems, characterisation methods
  • Collaborative robotics : design of robots specific to small run production, gesture assistance, work hardship reduction









  • CBRN sensors and instrumentation systems (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) for illicit materials detection
  • Sensors and instrumentation systems for nuclear industry
  • Multi-cameras video surveillance for people geolocation and tracking
  • Proof of security breaches absence on real time critical applications
  • Security breaches detection in cybersecurity
  • Software tools for Web or large data basis multimedia data extraction



Transport and mobility

transports et mobilite

  • Intrinsically reliable calculators and architectures for embedded systems reliability
  • Software development processes’ reliability with Papyrus (model-driven engineering) and Frama-C (static analysis, behaviour prediction and security breaches detection) tools
  • Tactile, haptic and force-feedback interfaces, driving assistance systems







  • Smart-grid cybersecurity and reliability
  • Real-time systems for remote cable-network diagnostics and monitoring
  • Optimized communication protocols for sensor networks
  • Data mining, monitoring and optimized control for heterogeneous and highly-distributed energy systems






  • Characterisation and design and validation assistance for radiotherapy equipment and imaging technologies, simulation and modelling software and methods, treatment personalization support tools
  • Big data analysis for medical diagnostics assistance and drug development support
  • Robotically-assisted surgery, interactive assistance for assisted-living systems for the elderly and disabled people