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June 10, 2013 | DESKOLO: Reducing the power consumption of computer networks

Completed in late 2012, the Deskolo project has led to the development of a complete infrastructure for managing the power consumption of a computer network, without the need for external sensors.

The proposed solution implements a statistical model-based learning algorithm that calculates power consumption as a linear combination of various variables characteristic of a computer's operating status at a given moment (processor activity, number of applications executed, memory usage, etc.).

Combined with a custom version of the Mandriva standalone operating system, a generic script determines the reference power consumption profile of a given category of computer systems and exports it to other computers in the network.

A dedicated interface allows individual users to view, store and modify their power consumption parameters so as to ensure minimum consumption. DESKOLO then interacts with the network server and sends it each user's parameters so as to schedule the operating times of each computer, thereby reducing the overall power consumption of the entire network.


Deskolo logoFunding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) | Ile de France region

Duration: 30 months


Developer: Wallix

Project website