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July 22, 2013 | Awards for CEA LIST at the national competition for new innovative technology companies

On Tuesday 2 July 2013, the French Research Ministry presented the awards at the 15th National competition for new innovative technology companies. Eight start-up projects submitted by CEA researchers won accolades, representing a variety of industrial sectors ranging from medical diagnostics and energy to system security. The 2013 results demonstrate the dynamism of the CEA and its research team in the areas of innovation, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

In the “start-up/development” category, two projects based on CEA LIST technology won awards:

Prone Systems logo
  • PRONE Systems, a company that designs biomimetic systems for odour recognition;
  • TrustInSoft, which focuses on preventing cybercrime.


PRONE Systems designs, develops and markets “electronic noses” capable of learning and recognising odours. These work in a similar way to the human nose: an array of sensors based on nanodiamonds – a field in which CEA LIST has acquired a great deal of expertise – calculates the olfactory signature of an odour during the learning phase and identifies it during the recognition phase. Each time an odour is characteristic of the state of an object or a process of change, PRONE Systems proposes a suitable way of detecting and identifying the formation of this odour or any variations in it. There are a whole host of practical applications. Agri-food, air quality monitoring and security (explosives and toxic gases) are the first sectors to express a strong interest. In fact, the particularly low detection thresholds (< 10 ppb) combined with the selectivity and robustness of the products provide an answer to many problems hitherto unsolved.

The TrustInSoft project ensures software is safe and secure, whether it is in a mobile phone, a games console, an industrial device or an information system. The project is based on Frama-C technology, already deployed in aeronautical and nuclear fields. The aim is to develop solutions to eliminate any security breaches that may be exploited by hackers. The team’s ambition is to ensure that all software has the same high level of security as that used in the aeronautical and nuclear sectors. Devices like telephones, smart electric meters and electricity distribution systems will thus benefit from all this technology has to offer.

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