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March 15, 2014 | Partnerships and publications in flexible robotics

201411 09CEA LIST’s flexible robotics programs have been making news of late. First, a partnership has been signed with Géoservices to automate the company’s processes for grinding, testing, and handling rock samples from petroleum extraction. Another partnership has been set up with Warein, a SME based in Brittany. CEA LIST will help Warein develop a robotic arm made from a textile and inflated with compressed air. The arm, which would offer a range of over 10 meters, could be used to carry out inspections inside very small spaces without damaging their interior surfaces.

CEA LIST’s flexible robotics research appeared in two publications: the 400-page Flexible Robotics: Applications to Multiscale Manipulations (French title: Robotique flexible : manipulation multi-échelles) and an article in The international journal of robotics research that explored an anthromorphically-inspired, multi-finger lightweight robotic hand co-developed by CEA LIST under several joint research initiatives.

The institute’s flexible robotics research also covers micromanipulators leveraging active materials and highly functionally integrated effector systems.

Learn more:

« Robotique flexible : manipulation multi-échelles » published by Editions Hermès Lavoisier

« Flexible Robotics : applications to multiscale manipulations » published by Editions Wiley-ISTE

« Design of a Fully Modular and Backdriveable Dexterous Hand » in The International Journal of Robotics Research »