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April 17, 2014 | Version 2 of Civa ultrasonic guided wave inspection module available

CEA LIST’s Civa, the world’s leading non-destructive testing simulation software, has added to its lineup of features with a new version of the guided wave inspection module released in May 2014.

201411 08The new module can process complex geometries like heterogeneous junctions between two waveguides (a pipework weld, for example) and section guides (like railway rails). The models used are based on advanced finite element coupling. The new version can be used in industries like oil and gas, nuclear, metalwork, rail, and aerospace.

Guided wave inspection can be used over long distances or in locations that are difficult to access. The technique is particularly well-suited to inspecting pipework, cables, rails, tanks, and large plates.

Version 1 of the Civa guided wave inspection module, which was released in 2012, featured three sub-modules for calculating propagation modes, calculating fields to assess wave propagation in a guide, and calculating interaction to simulate a test with and without a defect and calculate the signal received. The new version will ensure that the software continues to meet the demands of the industries addressed.

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