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September 10, 2014 | 97,000 multimedia documents filed in under 2 minutes

The Periplus project consortium used new partitioning technologies to file 97,000 documents containing text, images, and video by theme at speeds of 200 items per second. CEA LIST is coordinator of the Periplus research project, which is funded by the French National Research Agency.

201411 05What makes this new filing method different from existing solutions is that it does not discriminate between different media and forms, whether an item is a Tweet, a patent, or a scientific paper, for instance. The solutions currently available can only handle one type of media or handle different media, but separately. Another benefit of the new method is the capacity to configure the best possible compromise between processing time and quality to meet the user’s particular needs.

This successful demonstration led to the implementation of several experimental prototypes for testing by manufacturing companies, where the “clustering” technology could be used to improve business intelligence and information-search capabilities.

In addition, semantic analysis can be applied to images and videos to create multi-mode summaries of sets of documents and to link the visual and text-based representations of a given concept.

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