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June 29, 2015 | Frama-C helps secure data on the Internet of Things

The data exchanged by applications on the Internet of Things (IoT) presents some security challenges. CEA LIST researchers recently demonstrated the capacity of the institute’s Frama-C software to validate the software that lets connected objects communicate.

Researchers at CEA LIST, a member of the Instituts Carnot network, used Frama-C to develop verification applications for the software used to update sensor networks. Formal verification methods were used to prove that the software would work regardless of the sensor network topologies.

Applications in telecommunications, aerospace, electronics, energy, and more

framCFrama-C was also successfully used for the analysis and verification of an industrial encryption library for communications between communicating systems. Again, a study validated the correct call implementation within the security perimeter investigated.

Finally, CEA LIST spinoff TrustInSoft used Frama-C to analyze a software component developed by France-based software manufacturer 6WIND to manage network packets for very-high-broadband telecoms networks with multicore architectures.

These results have already led to new partnerships: Frama-C will be used in several collaborative R&D projects, including two EU-backed projects, for applications ranging from IoT to aerospace, electronics, and energy.

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