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December 3, 2015 | Inspecting inaccessible metal parts

List, a CEA Tech institute, is developing tools to detect and measure defects located inside difficult-to-access metal parts.

Researchers at List used simulation—in other words, a virtual defect—to calculate the optimal trajectory, the best line of sight, and the appropriate measurement sensitivity depending on the defect's position inside the part to be inspected.

The aim of the research was to develop powerful defect detection and measurement tools that factor complex part and inspection-area geometries and difficulties accessing defects. The researchers were able to fine-tune the inspection parameters, or time delay laws (sensor parameters), and the robotic sensor trajectory across the part's surface. This type of sensor is intended for robotic inspection of parts and maintenance in industrial settings.

cea tech list inspecting inaccessible metal parts

Major French electric utility EdF turned to List to implement these inspection tools for a nuclear component inspection method for pressurized-water reactors. The results obtained meet the specifications and will pave the way for new industrial inspection solutions for many other industries.