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25 february 2016 | State-of-the-art augmented reality glasses

realite augmentee

List, a CEA Tech institute, has developed an augmented reality system for glasses. The innovation, which will play an important role in the factory of the future, draws on List's know-how in image analysis. The technology is being transferred to several industrial partners.

When it comes to augmented reality, glasses are the most practical solution, offering the wearer hands-free convenience and a wide range of motion. However, the development of the technology is plagued by problems aligning the virtual images with the real-world environment; data processing speeds are another obstacle.

List has been working on augmented reality for eight years; the institute presented its first prototype at the Industrie trade show in April 2015. The prototype's calibration procedure, which entails superimposing a virtual image on a real-world object depending on the user's position, was the result of particularly advanced R&D to improve the underlying mathematical modelling and increase processing speed to enable real-time image analysis. And the result has set a new state of the art: a user wearing the glasses sees the virtual information on the lenses perfectly aligned with the real-world object.

The advances made by List will drive new applications in industrial maintenance; other applications, such as training, are also on the drawing board. Diota, a List spinoff that has already released augmented reality software for tablets, displays, and, recently, projection systems, now has plans to develop tools for augmented reality glasses.