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February 19, 2019 | FACE powers automotive innovations by revolutionizing electrical and electronics architectures

© sdecoret – Adobe Stock

The FACE project run in partnership with Renault is completely reshaping automotive electrical and electronics architectures. A modular, upgradeable demonstrator system unveiled at CES 2019 in Las Vegas garnered rave reviews.

The number of functions in the average vehicle is growing, and trends like automotive connectivity and autonomous driving are here to stay. The result is an explosion in the number of sensors and chips in our cars. And, as the number of components rises, integration into the vehicle becomes more and more complex. Automotive manufacturer Renault came to List*, a CEA Tech institute, for solutions. The FACE project was set up to develop a modular, flexible architecture capable of substantially reducing the number of chips without compromising on operating safety and cybersecurity.

The main technical challenge was to implement an embedded manycore architecture compatible with the existing infrastructure of sensors, switches, and other components. The architecture also had to be compliant with the latest automotive-industry standards and able to accommodate new features simply by tweaking the software. The researchers from List drew on their critical software and high-performance computing know-how to meet these requirements. They used model-driven engineering and the Papyrus platform to develop the FACE Tool Suite, which can instantly check the conformity of a system configuration with a given set of specifications.

The FACE platform was presented at Renault’s Innov’Days in Japan in 2018 and at CES Las Vegas in 2019, where it sparked an enthusiastic response from automotive manufacturers. The research will also create opportunities in other transportation sectors (maritime, avionics) and, more broadly, in defense and industry.

*List earned the prestigious Institut Carnot seal in 2006 (Institut Carnot TN@UPSaclay).

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