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June 17, 2019 | Electromagnetism used to study the mechanical properties of steel

List acier cnd 250
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Researchers at List, a CEA Tech institute, have developed simulation models and tools that leverage electromagnetism to characterize steel. These models and tools will be integrated into the CIVA platform so that they can be used to develop industrial non-destructive testing processes.

The mechanical properties of steel are closely related to the steel’s microstructure. The same is true of steel’s magnetic behavior. Modifications to the microstructure can affect the material’s mechanical and magnetic properties.

So, studying steel’s electromagnetic behavior can provide indirect insights into its mechanical properties—but only if other factors that cause variations in the magnetic properties of the metals that make up the steel are taken into account.

List, that earned the Carnot seal in 2006, developed a simulation model of an industrial non-destructive testing process that uses macroscopic measurements of steel’s electromagnetic signature. The idea is to take into account the related sources of variability and, especially, the types of probes used and the material’s heterogeneity. The method leverages an original semi-analytical formulation of the problem and non-linear models to rapidly arrive at a robust solution.

These tools will ultimately be integrated into the CIVA platform so that they can be transferred to industrial users. Whether it is to monitor structural health or control quality during manufacturing, inspecting the microstructure of steel is a major challenge in the nuclear, automotive, and other industries.

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