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September 19, 2017 | RobMoSys expands model-driven engineering (MDE) to robotics

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emieldelange -

EU H2020 project RobMoSys will give robotics software development a boost by creating a shared design method and environment.

Currently, there are as many robotics software development platforms as there are types of robots—and they are virtually all different! EU H2020 project RobMoSys kicked off in January 2017 with the goal of creating a shared design method and environment to support the development of high-quality software and control development costs. Stakeholders from across the robotics community will be given opportunities to take part in this project.

The shared platform will leverage modular software models. List, a CEA Tech institute, is contributing its know-how in model-driven engineering (MDE) to the project. "MDE is very widely used in the automotive industry. It can really help with the design of complex systems, which also makes it ideal for robotics," said the List project coordinator.

The RobMoSys platform will support existing platforms without compromising their unique features or independence. "Ultimately, what developers will have are off-the-shelf software components that can be reused from one robot to the next." And, to ensure the widespread involvement of the robotics community, half of the project budget will be allocated to open calls for sub-projects.

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