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Did you know…

You have probably heard of the CEA for its nuclear energy research or its role in France’s military dissuasion strategy. But the CEA is also…

puce A leading center for research in advanced manufacturing

You might not know that researchers at List innovate tirelessly to support the digital transformation of the manufacturing and other industries and are helping to develop tomorrow’s more agile, flexible, and responsive factories.

  • We invent collaborative robots, or cobots, that are capable of moving around a factory floor and interacting with human operators.
  • We design models to simulate factories. These models are used to manage, improve, and reconfigure existing industrial facilities as they transition to the industry of the future.
  • We develop robotic control systems to inspect large parts for the aeronautics, energy, and other industries.

puce A major hub for expertise in artificial intelligence

List researchers are also developing innovative tools that enable enhanced cooperation between humans and their digital environments.

  • We are working with a major automotive manufacturer and its suppliers to develop embedded intelligence for autonomous vehicles.
  • We were selected by a manufacturing company for the excellence of our 3D vision algorithms for video protection technologies.
  • We are implementing our advanced algorithms with another partner to detect abnormal activity for assisted living solutions to help keep the elderly at home longer.

puce A key contributor to security and cybersecurity research

List also develops tools to boost digital trust and make communications more secure.

  • We partnered with an aeronautics-industry leader to develop software to ensure aircraft operating security.
  • We are working with a major security-industry player to develop formal methods to ensure software security.

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