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List institute develops specific instrumentation for industry: mainly nuclear instrumentation (ionising radiations detection and measurement) but also fibre optics-based instrumentation (remote measurement, extreme conditions environment measurement). This research addresses aeronautics, smart manufacturing, smart materials, energy, defence, civil nuclear power industrial sectors but also illicit materials borders control. The development focuses on innovating sensors development and electronic chains’ design and conception for specific treatments until complete prototypes delivery.

These systems are featured by their diversity: compact gamma cameras, neutrogamma discrimination porticos, beta/gamma contamination meters, radiation meters embedded on robots, high counting speed gamma spectrometers, active porticos for nuclear material detection, sensors and sensor networks based on fibre optics for isolated or distributed metrology or for extreme environment monitoring, instrumentation for composite materials…

Among our academic partners

INFN (Italy), Iasi University (Roumania), NCBJ (Poland), Universities of Bretagne-Sud, Caen Basse Normandie, Aix-Marseille, Lille, Strasbourg (France) etc.


  • Specific instruments adapted to industrial ground needs
  • 50 researchers, more than 50 years of research work on instrumentation
  • Heavy installations for radiation tests

Major technologies

Neutron-gamma discrimination based on plastic scintillators

MA05 instru discri-portique


Helium-3 scarcity had the effect to multiply by 10 neutron measurement detectors’ price. The research goal is to replace them by detectors based on standard market plastic scintillators thanks to the robust signal’s processing that will allow detecting and discriminating the neutron signature even within gamma background noise. Complementary works on plastic scintillators’ development that would be intrinsically discriminant are also in progress inside the laboratory.


Borders and airports illicit materials control

Major project


Mobile gamma camera equipped with bit-map (pixelated) semi-conductor detectors


The iPix gamma camera recently developed by List and transferred to CANBERRA Company offers great technological breakthroughs compared to existing products on the market : mass reduction (around 2.5kg), sensitivity to plutonium increased by five decades, easy to use and deploy. The system is mainly based on TIMEPIX bit-map detector developed in the frame of an international collaboration conducted by CERN institute and completed by our laboratory know-how on coded masks and algorithms development for reconstruction and specific images processing. Spectrometer imaging functionality combining a hot point localisation and the emitting radioelement simultaneous identification is actually on study.


Nuclear facilities restoration and dismantling, emergency interventions on nuclear and radioactive accidental situations.


Major project

  • ORIGAMIX project


Fiber Bragg networks resilient to high temperatures

instru bragg


Instrumentation development based on fibre optics combined to fiber Bragg networks that can resist to 890°C during 9000 hours is actually in progress. The work focuses on multi-point temperature measurement for future nuclear reactors, the so called Generation IV reactors. Beyond these nuclear applications our research teams target also industrial applications in the fields of aeronautics, smart manufacturing and energy. Thanks to a thermal engineering process of silica optical fibres structured by laser, the network’s nano-scale pattern previously unstable becomes resilient to extremely high temperatures. The spectral shift and the signal to noise ratio deterioration that were usually noticed beyond 300°C are being cleared thanks to this technology. Components being resilient to a continuous temperature way beyond 1000°C are being developed in our premises and particularly thanks to the use of ultra-short pulses lasers (femtoseconde).


High temperature metrology on aeronautics, smart manufacturing, smart materials, steel, petrochemicals and nuclear industrial applications.

Major projects

  • TECNA project
  • ITER tokamac fusion project