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Radioactivity metrology

List institute can count within its expert laboratories the Henry Becquerel National Laboratory (LNHB), French national laboratory for ionising radiations’ research. This significant role has been officially assigned to LNHB by the French National Laboratory on Testing and Metrology (LNE – Laboratoire National de métrologie et d’Essais) in charge of French metrology steering and monitoring. LNHB is particularly in charge of radioactivity metrology: primary metrology and activity measurement references transfer toward certified laboratories for standardized measurements but also toward users in the fields of nuclear medicine, nuclear industry and environmental monitoring.

The laboratory activities cover R&D for new measurement standards and detection systems development but also works to keep existing references at the best international level, measures quality and coherence maintenance at a national level, training and transfer to users, evaluation and publication of atomic and nuclear data associated to radionuclide decay (time period, emitted radiations’ energy and intensity, decay schemes…).

Among our academic partners

Kyoto University, Fribourg, Heidelberg, Hubert Curien Pluridisciplinary Institute – Strasbourg, France (Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien), National Institutes for Metrology (PTB, NPL, NIST, …), international office for radioactivity measurments (Bureau international des Poids et Mesures - BIPM).


  • Active member of metrology international system
  • National guardian for bradioactivity standard measurements
  • R&D activity covering the whole development cycle from metrology upstream research to final users transfer (measurement services provision, trainings)

Major technologies

Emerging radiopharmaceuticals’ study

metro-acti radiopharma


New radionuclides for medical imaging and for radionuclide therapy are actually being studied in collaboration with radiopharmaceutical production centres. The research focuses on radioactive data decay (period of radioactivity, emissions’ intensity and energy) and on activity measurement. For most of these pharmaceuticals there are no existing primary activity measurement standards at the international level and their decay scheme is often imprecisely described.


Vectored radiotherapy / Radionuclide therapy , nuclear medecine

Major project


  • M.-M. Bé, P. Cassette, M.C. Lépy, M.-N. Amiot, K. Kossert, O.J. Nähle, O. Ott, C. Wanke, P. Dryak, G. Ratel, M. Sahagia, A. Luca, A. Antohe, L. Johansson, J. Keightley, A. Pearce, “Standardization, decay data measurements and evaluation of 64Cu”, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 70 (2012), pp. 1894-1899
  • C. Thiam, C. Bobin, J. Bouchard, “Radiopharmaceutical C-11 activity measurements by means of the TDCR-Cerenkov method based on a Geant4 stochastic modeling”, in Proceedings of the 2010 International Liquid Scintillation Conference (LSC 2010, Paris, France), Radiocarbon, ISBN 978-0-9638314-7-7, pp. 341-348

Digital signal processing

metro-acti traitemnum


Primary activity measurements (liquid scintillation, coincidences…) are still manly made thanks to signal processing analogue chains. Using digital processing preserves measurement methods sustainability and guarantees a better exploitation of information providing new functionalities. List institute works also on digital chains development for photons spectrometry (X-ray and gamma-ray).


Nuclear instrumentation, ionising radiations metrology

Major projects


Detecting materials’ physical constants’ characterization via X-ray spectrometry

metro-acti caracmat


List institute is equipped with mono-energy non-radioactive sources such as the X SOLEX photons monochromatic tuneable source and the metrology line of SOLEIL synchrotron. These specific equipment allows us to study detectors behaviour in the field still not well known enough of low energy (


X-ray spectrometry, nanostructured materials characterisation


Major projects