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Secured HW/SW components

List institute develops hardware and software platforms for real-time critical applications concerning systems’ operating safety or security issues (cloud computing). The institute develops also parallel codes generators for emerging cryptography technics and for heterogeneous criticality real-time systems.
Most of these applications are integrated into multicore or many-core systems (massively multi-core). List researchers collaborate with industrial companies from automotive, aeronautics, health, energy and cybersecurity sectors.

Among our academic partners

EPFL Lausanne, Versailles University – Saint Quentin, LABSTICC Bretagne (France), Verimag (Grenoble, France), CNR (Italy)


  • System’s hardware components and low-level software integration through the same approach
  • PharOS deterministic operating real-time system and Anaxagoros virtualisation tool design and maintenance
  • Complete adherence to users’ needs through collaboration with Krono-Safe start-up

Major technologies

Homomorphic cryptography



List institute implemented a cryptosystem and compilation infrastructure mathematical cores prototypes that allow expressing high level algorithms in a transparent and independent way from the underlying cryptosystem. Then, they can be executed on a parallel calculator.
This method is an efficient tool for calculation on encrypted data without having to decrypt them and thus maintaining their confidentiality. This is how several elementary software have been crypto-executed in the shortest delays ever obtained before. The tests prove a factor-5 gain in execution speed and a factor-10 gain in terms of ciphertexts memory size compared to HELib state-of-the-art library.


Programs’ execution on encrypted data, hidden requests on public or private data bases, hidden criteria packages’ inspection, targeted advertising, data processing and medical diagnosis, secured online translation.

  • european project Crypto Comp


Safety oriented real-time processing core for embedded systems


MPSoCs (Multi-Processor on Chip) have to answer operating safety requests. OASIS secure and deterministic real-time OS (Operating System) that previously already provided several functions execution on only one CPU (Central Processing Unit) has now been extended to data parallelism in order to be able to execute the same task on several CPUs.
Based on this technology, Krono-Safe Company, List’s spin-off, is now commercialising KronOS product and the associated software chain. KronOS is an operating system adapted to embedded systems.


Any embedded application with critical real-time functions especially for automotive and aeronautics transportation systems, health and energy applications.

  • ANR project Tsunami
  • european project SEAS


Critically heterogeneous systems’ safety


When you can find in the same calculator real-time critical and non-critical functions it is crucial to have a sharp data management in order to guaranty function safety, data confidentiality and safety especially when the system is carried by a multi-core processor. List Anaxagoros hypervisor can make a low-level virtualisation within real-time constraints conditions. Anaxagoros can be applied from the embedded calculator to the Cloud ensuring a maximum isolation between the tasks or between virtual machines according specific attention to resources’ safety.


Any embedded application with critical real-time functions especially for automotive and aeronautics transport systems, health and energy applications.